Beginners Club Dancing Classes

Level 1

Want to be able to get up and dance in the club or at a party without feeling embarrassed or having to have a drink (or many) beforehand?

Club Dancing for beginners is the course for if you want to learn how to move with confidence on the dance floor. Our classes are based on teaching you simple moves that look good.

You will develop an understanding on how to make the different parts of your body - legs, arms, chest, move in sync and to the rhythm of the music.

Our Club dancing classes are are suitable both for men and women who are absolute beginners to dance.

Worried about missing a class from your course? Get in touch and we can suggest some catch-up class options!

Courses Timetable

NOTE: The prices per course displayed below are per person. Making a booking assumes you have agreed to our booking terms and conditions.

Course Day Date Location Price Book
Club DancingBeginners (Level 1)
Wednesday Evening 7.55-8.55pm
07.Aug-11.Sep 6 weeks
Club Dancing Beginner (Level 1)£99
Club DancingBeginners (Level 1)
Wednesday Evening 7.55-8.55pm
18.Sep-30.Oct 7 weeks
Club Dancing Beginner (Level 1)£110
Club DancingBeginners (Level 1)
Saturday Morning 10.30-1.30pm
28.Sep-28.Sep 1-Day
Club Dancing Beginner (Level 1)£59
Club DancingBeginners (Level 1)
Wednesday Evening 7.55-8.55pm
06.Nov-11.Dec 6 weeks
Club Dancing Beginner (Level 1)£99

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The emphasis of the beginners club dancing classes will be in teaching you how to move and prove that you do not have to be a natural dancer to be able to learn to look like one. They will consist of easy to follow drills and simple combos to put the moves you have learned together and no complicated choreography to remember.


  • Kings Cross Studio, WC1

    The studio inside the Central YMCA at KX, 120 Cromer St, London, WC1H 8BS

    Tube: Kings Cross (5min), Euston (7min), Russell Square (7min)

  • Soho/Oxford Circus Studio, W1

    The studio inside Top Notch Gyms, Dufour's Place, London W1F 7SP

    Tube: Oxford Circus (5min), Piccadilly Circus (6min)


  • Christina

    Christina is a passionate dancer teacher dedicated to sharing the joy and inspiration which only dancing can bring.

    She is experienced in teaching a number of dance styles but you can meet her in our Salsa, Bachata, Club dancing, Diva and Zouk classes.

  • Ryan

    Ryan is professional dancer and choreographer who trained at London Contemporary Dance School whilst also training in Commercial, Hip hop and Street Dance outside of the BA.

    Ryan teaches regularly all levels and abilities, taking not only and interest in the moving bodies but the individuals and their progress. His teaching style is clear, fun and relaxed, making it a perfect environment to learn to dance.


  • What to wear in a Club dance class?

    The movements are what you would use in parties or a disco setting so you do not need to wear anything other than loose, comfortable clothing. Whatever you choose, just make sure you are comfortable moving in it so you can make the most of your class.

  • I am nervous as I have never been to a dance class before. Will this course be suitable for me?

    Absolutely! This course is designed for the most self-conscious and those who have no previous experience in dance. We will break all moves down from scratch and you will get a lot of practice in too. We believe everyone has rhythm and can learn to dance, we are just here to help you discover what you are capable of and guide you through the journey of a relaxed and natural dancer.