COVID-19 Safety Measures

Your safety and that of our teachers is our top priority. With that in mind, despite the legal restrictions being lifted, we are keeping certain rules in place on an ongoing basis. Below we have outlined the measures we are implementing alongside our venue partners. Updated on 17th of July 2021.

*Following the announcement on easing of the restrictions we will resume our solo dance classes (Street Dance, Ballet, Diva, etc.) on the 17th of May 2021 and our partner dances (Salsa, Ballroom & Latin, Bachata, etc.) on the 19th of July 2021.

1. All our venue partners have undergone COVID risk assessment and are implementing enhanced cleaning procedures.

2. Hand sanitising stations and handwashing facilities are available to use in all venues. Please take a few minutes to wash or sanitise your hands before you enter your class.

3. Regular wiping of equipment such as ballet barres.

4. Smaller class sizes. We operate a strict pre-booking system which ensures we are in control of the number of people coming into class. During these times we will operate at numbers way below capacity to ensure the required distancing is in place. Each venue will allow a different number of people based on its capacity.

5. To avoid overcrowding, when you're waiting for your class, please follow social distancing rules and clear the studio space as quickly as you can when the class has finished in order to free up the space for students arriving for the next class.

6. There is limited availability of the changing facilities so whenever possible please arrive ready for class. If that is not possible you will be able to use the changing facilities.

7. Bring a mask to wear in the common areas such as corridors, toilets, and changing rooms. You will not need to wear a mask during your class but you are welcome to do so if you wish.

8. Please arrive no earlier than 5min before the start of your class. This is to avoid congestion and overcrowding.

9. Track and trace is in operation for all our classes.

10. If you feel unwell please do not come to class!

We look forward to welcoming you and dancing with you safely! If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch at