Beginners Swing Dance Classes

Level 1

Swing is a fun and energetic social partner dance which can be danced to a large variety of music - from jazz to current pop.

Under the Swing umbrella are nested styles like Lindy Hop, Rock n Roll, East and West Coast Swing. Under the Swing umbrella are nested styles like Lindy Hop, Rock n Roll, East and West Coast Swing.

Our beginners Swing dance classes cover predominantly the East Coast Swing and elements of Lindy Hop.

At this level, you will progressively build up your skills by covering the rhythm and basic steps, variations on turns both for the leaders and the followers, passes, and dips, which will then build up into more complex combinations later on.

Courses Timetable

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Course Day Date Location Price Book
SwingBeginner (Level 1)
TBC 7 weeks
Swing Beginner (Level 1)£120

Note: * Coming back soon! Please email to register your interest.*

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  • Euston/Kings Cross Studio, NW1

    St Aloysius Church Hall 20 Phoenix Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 1TA

    Tube: Euston (3-4min), Euston Square (5-6min), Kings Cross (10min)


  • Nuno

    Nuno has 15+ years of continuous teaching experience and specialises in all Ballroom and Latin styles as well as Salsa, Bachata, Jazz and Wedding dance choreography. He has competed internationally and has also worked as a choreographer in a number of TV Dance shows.

    Nuno has a warm and friendly personality which puts everyone at ease and helps his students achieve excellent progress in each lesson or program he is teaching.

  • Annabelle

    Annabelle is a qualified dance teacher and holds a diploma in dance teaching from Laban.

    She has a bubbly and fun personality and is experienced in teaching a large variety of styles such as Salsa, Bachata, Zouk, Swing, Ballroom, Street dance, Diva dance and Wedding dance.


  • What to wear in a Swing dance class?

    Smart casual clothing and comfortable shoes. We recommend small heel shoes for the ladies and leather sole shoes for the gentlemen. Please no stilettos, boots or trainers with a strong grip.

  • Do I need a partner to join a course?

    No, we frequently rotate partners throughout the class to ensure all leading and following techniques are working well.

  • I come with a partner, can we stay dancing together and not rotate with the others?

    We rotate partners in our classes as we have found that dancing with different people teaches better leading and following skills whic ultimately makes dancing with our won partner (if you have one) a better and more pleasurable experience. If you are interested in learning to dance as a couple, please check our Beginners Ballroom & Latin courses.