Private Dance Classes & Lessons in London

Level G

Private dance classes in London are a premium service by Dancebuzz organised and structured in bespoke programs to hit your goals in all the dance styles we offer. Below you can find more information about the different dances we have and then conctact us to arrange your lessons:

- Private Wedding Dance Lessons

- Private Adult Ballet Lessons

- Private Street Dance Lessons

- Private Salsa Lessons

- Private Latin Dance Lessons

- Private Club Dancing Lessons

We currently do not offer private tuition. We have many courses for levels from absolute beginners to more experienced dancers. To find more information about them, go to our home page, select the style of dance you would like to learn, select your level and you will be able to view and book our courses.


  • Southwark/London Bridge Studio, SE1

    The studio inside The Bankside Fit Hub, Unit 11a, 110 Southwark Street, SE1 0SU

    Tube: Southwark (4-5min), London Bridge (7-8min), Waterloo (10min)


  • We have a large team of expert instructors. We will pick the one most suitable for requirements to ensure you achieve your goals.


  • I am an absolute beginner and feel that I won't fit into a group class. Are private lessons the right choice for me?

    The large majority of our clients are beginners and just like yourself are nervous to take those first steps. Our group classes are designed with absolute beginners in mind and we advise our students to start off with a group class to cover the basics and then use private tuition to fine-tune their technique or work on problem areas.